The Music

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Gone Electric are a young band from Bondi who write original alternative/surf rock tunes.
New track 'Oasis' OUT NOW.

Indie, Pop, Rock

Band members
Tash - Lead Vocals/Guitar Ramona - Drums/Backing Vocals Lex - Guitar Ben - Bass

Dance a la plage, Little Comets, North East Party House



Alana Patmore is a singer/songwriter from Sydney. Alana understands the effort and emotions that go into every layer of a song and continues to grow and mature as an artist by capturing her imaginative as well as life experiences through music. “I come from jazz roots, but I write predominantly pop, indie, pop rock, alternative and sometimes venture into jazz, funk, and rnb. I like to write about life and experiences of life (in my inexperience), and I like to tell stories with my songs. I can always write a song about crushing on someone, or about a breakup. Usually, I write with a guitar, and sometimes I venture onto the piano, even midi sequencing. "
Alana has written songs for children’s choirs, films, TVs, weddings, birthdays, sports events as well as production music. Some of her songs have been licensed for use by TV projects and other artists and played on community radio stations. "Mirror" is a song about beauty being stereotyped by the society and people's obsessions with perceived good looks ... It questions why the world is ruled by external beauty- something of skin deep...
"Mirror" is the winner of ACMF National Songwriting Competition 2014

Indie, Pop

Band members
Alana - singer songwriter producer

Queen, Regina Spector, Lana Del Rey, Ed Sheeran , Ella Fitzgerald, Jeff Buckley