Director's Statement

Director, Peter Nizic, sharing a joke on set of "Spaghetti"

Director, Peter Nizic, sharing a joke on set of "Spaghetti"

The story of Spaghetti was inspired by a cast of mischievous, exuberant and endearing young boys that my wife has taught over the years as an Infants Teacher. She would come home and tell me all sorts of stories about the funny things these boys would say and do during the day. After a particular conversation about tinned spaghetti being one boy’s favourite food, the idea just exploded from there. 

The backdrop is an inner suburban landscape, where our protagonist, Eddie, lives and goes to primary school. Eddie loves tinned spaghetti. He loves eating spaghetti more than anything else in the world. The kitchen pantry at home is stocked full of tinned spaghetti, because Eddie eats spaghetti for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You could say that Eddie is full of spaghetti! 

We follow a day in the life of Eddie, a hyperactive, excitable and creative 8-year-old boy. On this particular day, Eddie ends up discovering true love after encountering a new girl at school. His young life is forever changed and he begins to question his feelings towards the thing that he loves the most, spaghetti.

Doug is Eddie’s best friend. He is trustworthy, loyal and confident. Although he is a no-nonsense realist, he is the only person that believes Eddie’s plight. 

Anja is the new girl at the school. She also has a deep rooted love for a particular food, and in the end this becomes the common ground upon which she and Eddie can form their friendship.

Mr. B.R Occoli is the extremely patient school principal, however today, he feels Eddie has gone a little too far in testing that patience. However, without realising it, Mr. Occoli plays an important role in guiding the fate of this young love, inadvertently handing Eddie a second chance at a first impression.

Spaghetti is a story with traits that adults and children alike can enjoy and relate to. Adults will watch this film and enjoy its quirky nature whilst relating to Eddie’s shy, awkwardness when faced with all the new emotions being brought to the surface by the new girl in school, a contradiction to his usual exuberance and confidence. Children will laugh at the fun and ridiculousness of the film and will be able to relate directly to either Eddie as the protagonist, Anja as the antagonist, or simply Doug and the other kids in class as the onlookers. They will relate closely to the way friendships can be formed over mutual interests. 

This is a story that has substance in it’s underlying theme while at the same time is cute, quirky and a little bit ridiculous.