Producer's Statement by Matt Pearson

Gyton Grantley is Principal B.R Occoli

As a producer, I specialise in combining live action with VFX and animation. This film incorporates all of these aspects and aims to highlight the simple joys of life, which while small, are often the most important. In a style reminiscent of Paul Jennings, VFX will be used to highlight these moments in Pete’s quirky story telling.

Set amongst primary school age characters, the film explores the awkward relationship between boys and girls as a romantic comedy. The film is live action, shot over three days on location, and will incorporate many VFX shots making the ordinary become extraordinary. The film is predominately set within school grounds and requires a classroom full of school aged extras to be cast. The principal of Croydon Park Public School, Daniel Hurd, has been a keen supporter of our project and was more than willing to offer the school to be used for our main location.

The key to the film is providing the everyday school setting that, as previous and current students, we can all relate to. This provides the springboard for the magical and fantastical VFX that provides the colour and light in an otherwise drab school setting where everyone sits to order, wearing plain school uniforms. 

An enthusiastic and professional crew has been assembled to achieve the desired high production value including hugely experienced cinematographer Sam Collins. Sam brings over 30 years of industry experience and has done a fantastic job working alongside lighting gaffer Steve Schofield. Post-production will be led by our director, who will take charge of compositing and VFX. Greg Hunsberger, our VFX Supervisor, also leads our 3D visual effects team, alongside Tristan Brittaine in making the impossible possible. The musical score was completed by Lee Elsdon and sound design and recording mix by David Williams at Soundfirm, alongside a host of other talented film industry professionals. Click here to see the full list of credits

We aimed to cast a high profile actor to play the role of Principal Occoli and we're extremely delighted that Gyton Grantley came on board to play the role. The incredibly talented young actor, Noah Wiseman, made the lead role his own. Click here to see our full cast list.

While the film has a primary school aged cast, it has a broad audience appeal, as we can all relate to the first awkward moments when boy meets girl. 

The film is currently on a journey through national and international short film festivals.